Saturday, November 17, 2012


Since i came back from OZ, i just spent my time in my previous hostel. I'm working as a promoter in one shop. i want to further my studies but my application still in progress.. i have to wait for next term in february or maybe it'll be different if i already have my own proposal. It's has been a long time for me to write in my own blog.. i have no idea what to share..i have nothing to share..instead of preparing myself to read whatever book i have to 'top up' my knowledge.
i know..some of my frens already got a job..some of them just stay at home and waiting for precious time which is convocation ceremony. And i felt ashamed because sometimes i cant event attend any discussion circle with any chance i got. i felt so sorry for everything.. what i can do is just donating for them. that's the only choice i got. By the way, have you read about Gaza? have you pray for them? i thinks that's all i can do.. recite "Qunut Nazilah" so that Allah will always help them.
I afraid if we just sit here and not knowing what's happen, our brothers and sisters will ask what we did for them as a muslims? not even pray for them?
it's a board experience being a promoter.. it's like you are wasting your whole life just to promote your product.. but what make me to do this kind of boring job?
haha  of course i don't want to wait at home without doing nothing !! sitting like a frog (matthew said to me before) i want to gain experience in business are so that i can open my own business soon..i want to be familiar with this kind of job.. it's tiring but worth instead of you'll see how crucial our ummah nowadays..if your surrounding is always an educated people from world is just about lecture, lecturer, assignments and some crazy projects.. you can see the need of community that low morality..(i don't know the right word)..'s our responsibility as a uni student to get know them..teach them what we've learn from our thousand credit hour about islam..they are muslims but they don't even know about islam and they don't pray.. if you feel that you are really impressive student among your uni mates..try to do dakwah wherever you go.. i tried to do some dakwah job..truly..i'm not that tough..even with malaysian seem more trouble than OZ people who are open minded..they can easily accept about knowledge..they willing to share ..but not malay.. i think so that's enough..maybe if there are some good point i shared..well take it.. if it nothing to you..just leave it..

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pictures tell thousands of stories behind

Pantai Cogee yang cantik. :-)
Masjid org Turkey di Auburn
Masjid di Lakemba
Pukulan Ombak di Pantai Bondi

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Persiapan untuk ke SYDNEY


Saje je sy nak kongsi pengalaman bg mereka yg bercdg untuk ke Australia especially musim (Winter) la..sebb sy dtg Waktu Winter..Utk pengetahuan, dari Malaysia x boleh bwk sebrang daging kering (mcm serunding) sebb nanti kt Airport kena amek ngan pengawal. kalau nk bawak bekal Maggi or bnda2 ringan lain boleh je.. Anda takkan kebuluran sewaktu berada di sini selagi mane anda tau dimana utk mendapatkan makanan Halal. Firstly, Untuk dptkan makanan dgn harga yg berpatutan boleh la berbelanja di mane2 cawangan "Coles ataupon WoolWorth". Nie mcm supermarket Giant or Jusco la kat Malaysia. Stakat utk keperluan Asas seperti bantal, Adapter, Sabun sume ad disini.

Untuk pengetahuan, Plug kt snie x sme ngan Malaysia. boleh cek ternet. So sampai je kt snie prepare to find any adapter for you lappy and Phone.

Kawasan Penduduk Islam dekat SYDNEY adalah Auburn n Lakemba. kt snie bole jumpe Masjid dan pelbagai kedai yg menjual makanan Halal termasuklah "Coklat, Daging, Pizza dan sbg". Biasanyer kami dapatkan daging disinie seminggu sekali je. ^_^

Kedai yg menjual brg2 seperti kasut n jaket pon byk n harga murah than beli kt SYDNEY punyer shopping complex.
Bile dtg time winter, benda yg paling penting adalah Heater! samada nak beli Electric blanket ataupon Fin Heater or fan Heater. yg plg murah Electric blanket beli just $18 for single bed size. kalau Fin Heater kena spare dlm $100 jugak la.

Kalau nk cari umah sewa, access mudah, kat OZ sume gne ternet hatta utk beli basikal sekalipun. Diorng nie memaksimumkan penggunaan internet bg kemudahan semua. Just go to anda bole cri pekerjaan, umah sewa n mungkin keta sewa jugak.
Untuk pengangkutan awam, jgn isau sebb kt snie majority menggunakan pengangkutan Awam seperti Bus,Train n Ferry. Kesemuanya bole dibayar Cash utk tambng or nak lebih jimat gune kad (MYBUS1/MYBUS2/MYBUS3/MY MULTI)..bole juga didapati di WoolWorth. nak jalan byk kali beli TRAVELTEN(10 kali bole guna) jimat skit. =_='

Pasal tempat menarik bole la tgk kt "picture"yg sy letak kt blog tu..tu je la tempat yg sy sempat nk round2 disebabkan duit yg terhad. Semua perjalanan bole tau penggunaan bas mane? pkul bape bas dtg? tunggu kt stand bus mane? bpe minit sampai? melaui website nie :

I thinks that's all that I can share with you. Hopefully it's gonna be a best trip ever coming to Sydney and knew about this information so that you'll be prepare. Don't worry about your English because Australian mostly understand we are international and they will tolerate while having conversation with you.. most of them were friendly. See ya !

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Public Transportation in SYDNEY

I did surprised when i saw The City rail for the first time. They have 3 levels. Besides, the bus is very long and have a flexible  shape so that can carry more passenger in a time.  It's a very good idea from 'Australia's government to provide their people with this kind of transportation. Well done !!

Inside City Rail

Front View Metro Bus

Ramadhan Kareem from SYDNEY.

This is my first Ramadhan in overseas. I just prepared some reading to answer Non-muslim here about Ramadhan. Hopefully it's good to share with all of you guys.
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Every day during this month, Muslims around the world spend the daylight hours in a complete fast.
 During the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs during the daylight hours. As a time to purify the soul, refocus attention on God, and practice self-sacrifice, Ramadan is much more than just not eating and drinking.

 Muslims are called upon to use this month to re-evaluate their lives in light of Islamic guidance. We are to make peace with those who have wronged us, strengthen ties with family and friends, do away with bad habits -- essentially to clean up our lives, our thoughts, and our feelings. The Arabic word for "fasting" (sawm) literally means "to refrain" - and it means not only refraining from food and drink, but from evil actions, thoughts, and words.

During Ramadan, every part of the body must be restrained. The tongue must be restrained from backbiting and gossip. The eyes must restrain themselves from looking at unlawful things. The hand must not touch or take anything that does not belong to it. The ears must refrain from listening to idle talk or obscene words. The feet must refrain from going to sinful places. In such a way, every part of the body observes the fast.

Therefore, fasting is not merely physical, but is rather the total commitment of the person's body and soul to the spirit of the fast. Ramadan is a time to practice self-restraint; a time to cleanse the body and soul from impurities and re-focus one's self on the worship of God.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Perjuangan Islam

Hari nie, sy nak tulis bahasa melayu je..sebab sy masih berada di tanah airku Malaysia yang suatu hari nanti sy harap akan menjadi sebuah daulah Islamiayh bukan pada nama tapi secara keseluruhanya.
Tujuan tulis nie, nothing than just want to share ap yang baru je sy bace last week. Its about perjuangan la..
Senang citer mcm nie.. Dulu time sekolah, sy ad jugak la blajar fasal perjuangan tok janggut, abdul rahman limbong..dan ape yg sy pernah tau, Tok janggut tu sampai digantung secara terbalik oleh penjajah just utk buat show kat org ramai bhw inilah akibat daripd menentang penjajah..Time tu sy agak tersentuh..betullah perjuangan itu gerun dan mengerikan,hebat dan dahsyat menggerunkan hati..(actually nie lirik lagu)
So, after that, sy suka nak nyanyi lagu dan fikir baik lirik tu..dulu penah jugak join perhimpunan, then ap yg sy dapat rase, kezaliman yang berlaku dan berleluasa, ade ke patut pihak polis pegi sembur gas pemedih mata dekat rakyat yang berhimpun secara aman? for those yg tak pernah turun, don't you ever dare to judhe what actually happen there..bukan nak ckp, sy pon ad gak blaja pasal teknologi..dan ap yg sy's about majority of people believe what they see..they easily judge based on the fact from media given all by the ...... government.. hmmmm

Common la..use all your strength to find the truth..jgn bg org senang 2 tipu korang.. be yourself.. the truth will reveal.. believe me..
haha, berbalik pada ap yg sy bace last week..maybe it's not important to you, but maybe it's important for some of you, sy suka kalau ad kengkawan kat luar find out about tragedi memali yang berlaku pada 19 november 1985. jujur dari hati, sy agak lambat utk cuba bukak lipatan sejarah yg pahit ini, sejarah yang mengorbankan 14 syuhada dari kampong memali. and kalau ad rezki, sy memng berhasrat nak kesana melawat tapak berlakunya tragedi itu..
I know, memeng susah nak dpt source yg betol so that you can know the real FACT, the real STORY bg analogy, your brother kena pukul ngan polis, then saksi kejadian adalah mak you, then kuar paper yang adik you kena pkul sebab dia cuba bunuh polis tu, that's why polis tu pertahan diri then pukul la adik you to..nak percaya paper and tv or based story from your mother? think about it..
ap yg sy bace dr isteri mangsa sendiri, kwn2 yg terlibat..menitiskan air mata keinsafan.. that what we call bru tersentak..memng layak utk seorang ustaz yg bercita-cita mati syahid mengecapi impian tu.. based on what he had done before utk ISLAM..Wow... no word to say.. just Allahu Akbar!! Allah loves him more and more..

try la cri buku memoir tragedi MEMALI karangan riduan mhamad nor and C.N Afghani..insya allah, you'll got some spirit to understand what's actually the meaning of Jihad and Perjuangan.
That's all what can i do..nak ajak semua memahami malaysia tercinta..mencintai negara kita yg suatu masa dahulu pesat dengan perkembangan Islam..
Bandingkan la..dengan Malaysia kini..adakah anda suka dan gembira? negara dipenuhi Maksiat? pusat hiburan? kilang arak? casino? lambakan anak luar nikah? rasuah ? murtad?
just think about it, how peacefull mayasia would be with ISLAM.. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

I can't Score English?? is it too hard for me??

Avery god morning to all of you, my beloved frens. Today i would like to share to you about english. I know that it is not our mother tongue language but still, it become important especially when you are one of USIM's student. amma right?
So, that's why i came to write all these things. I'm just a person, where like you. the difference is just i try so hard to improve myself especially in learning session. So..what we are going to talk about? How to score muet band3? no..its not..just sharing experience :-)
The answer is simple like ABC..haha
As long as you want! you have a desire! then you will do it !! and always think that you CAN.. throw away all the word " Ican't " in your mind.
In term of food that you can take is scote emotion ( i donno how to spell) but it really help you master in language. its a fish oil that Jewish eat regularly. ( its a facts )
In term of Talk.. you have no option than Talk. Its ok if there is a lot of grammer mistake..don't be afraid becoz it just like me before. hehe it's is the best choice if you join the debate championship like i do coz its help me a lot. dosen't matter if i loose..the golden experience is what i looking for.
In term of writing? of course you have to read a lot of books no matter what kind of books it is.. whether a journals? newspaper? novel? even a kindergarten story books still helps you to understand the structure of the sentences. I will not ever choose newspaper coz i really don't like it..hehe
Lastly, if you come from a group that don't like to read english book, don't like to do an english essay, don't like to watch english movie coz you can't understand it, and you don't even like English.. There are just these way that i can think can help you.( if you have, plez share with me :-)

1. you must realize that you have no choices in your life unless you put a little strength in order to help yourself. if it is not for yourself, how about your family? they always want their children to be graduated.
2. Simplest way is you just keep singing Maher zain songs, or Irfan Makki or any other English singer and plez refer its lyric so that you have better understand.
3. Plez enjoys yourself while learning English like i do always. i like English since i'm little kid :-)
4. Make your first step writing by doing ' cute English diary ' and write what you have done everyday. put some picture and be CONSISTENT. Just use any word in your minds. it really helps you.

That's all i can share. For me. as long as you can try. English is not that hard like you think before. Don't be sad. you just have to take some times for your dear English subject. hehe May Allah helps you.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Common ladies..Lets together cover Aurah :-)

Its not me the right person to talk about this, but i thinks, its only i can share with you all ladies.. i thinks as long as i can do, i can read, i can share, its consider as a step for me to make dakwah.. there are some questions that i take from another source..i thinks, he or she..suppose to be it will help for those who are keep asking these regular question and those daie who had a problem to answer these kind of question when they want to do dakwah about hijab and aurah..

Question 1 : Walaupun dedah aurat, diri masih menjaga maruah dan tidak melakukan perkara tak senonoh?
"walaupon nilai orang dari luarannya. Don't judge a book by its cover !"
"Walaupun tidak pakai tudung, Saya tetap masih menjaga Solat dan Menjaga Tingkah Laku"

Jawapan :
Adakah anda mendakwa diri anda mempunyai hati yang suci, Iman yang tinggi dan kononnya ia sudah cukup menjamin maruah diri tanpa perlu menutup aurat? tetapi adakah anda berani menjamin bahawa semua lelaki ajnabi ( Halal berkahwin denganya so wajib tutup aurat contoh : lelaki 2 kat luar selain keluarga la) yang melihat aurat anda mempunyai hati sesuci dan Iman setinggi anda juga?

Syarat pertama
Syarat ke-2
Syarat ke-3

Langsungkah mereka tidak memberi kesan dan tidak membangkitkan nafsu serakah mereka yang berada di hadapan anda?
Jadi, Perlu diberi kefahaman bahawa kewajipan wanita menutup aurat bukanlah semata-mata menjaga maslahat dan maruah pihak wanita itu sendri, tetapi maslahah yang lebih besar ialah menjaga masyarakat yang berada disekeliling agar tidak terfitnah disebabkan budaya mendedahkan aurat.
Betapa banyak kes - kes jenayah rogol dan cabul berpunca daripada wanita sendiri yang mempamerkan tubuh badanya yang terdedah di hadapan khalayak lelaki. maka tutuplah aurat bukan sekadar untuk anda, tetapi juga demi kemaslahatan orang lain di sekeliling. :-)

I thinks that all for today :-)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peranan Ibubapa dalam Pembentukan keluarga Muslim :-)

Sebenarnya saya nak berdakwah melalui dunia maya tapi saya just insan biase yang still have to learn a lot especially bidang agama la..Hopefully this can be amal jamaie coz everybody kena bekerja untuk islam selagi diberikan umur sebagai pinjaman.
So, Based on tajuk, saya karang mengikut sedikit pembacaan berkaitan keluarga contoh Imam teladan Spanjang Zaman As Syahid Imam Hassan Al Banna.

Nama buku : Cinta di rumah Hasan Al Banna
Penulis : Mohammad Lili Nur Aulia

Kalau Korang mcm tak mnat sngat membaca bole la bace post nie..mane tau nk cri isi utk forum ke? Debat ke? he
Firstly, Imam Hassan Al BAnna adalah seorang tokoh ilmuan serta Murabbi yang terkemuka bkn sahaja di bumi Mesir Malah diseluruh dunia. Beliau bekerja sebagai seoarng guru bahasa Arab dan Juga Pemimpin kepada gerakan Dakwah terkenal Ikhwanul Muslimin..tu je la skit background beliau..
Tak lupa juga, beliau seorang ayah kepada Wafa, Ahmad Saiful Islam, Tsana, Raja', Halah dan Istiyhad.

Pendeknyer. As Syahid Imam nie mempunyai library kat umah yang membolehkan beliau mempelajari seberapa banyak ilmu tambahan selain ilmu Agama seperti Geografi dan matematik supaya anak2 boleh menjadikan bapa mereka sebagai tempat rujukan dalam segala permasalahan.

Diceritakan juga bahawa As Syahid imam seorang yang sangat teliti (Dididik oleh ulama yg juga berkemahiran dalam membaik pulih jam) terhadap penjagaan anak2 sehingga setiap org anak dikhususkan fail rekod kesihatan supaya tiada keciciran maklumat dalam memantau tahap kesihatan anak dari kecil hingga dewasa.

Imam Hassan Al Banna juga sentiasa memberikan wang saku yang lebih sedikit kepada anak2 dan berpesan agar lebihan wang boleh dibeli buku untuk menambahkan pembacaan sekaligus menanam sikap cintakan ilmu pengetahuan secara tidak langsung ke dalam diri mereka. Ini juga mengelakkan rasa sentiasa tidak cukup wang untuk memenuhi kehendak kanak2 yang sememangnya masih mentah dan banyak keinginan ( tak de la smpai nanti nak mencuri sebab nk coklat )

i thinks thats all i can tell you.. :-)

"As long as kita apply cara hidup islam dan jadikan pentarbiyahan dalam keluarga Nabi Muhammad S.A.W sebagai idola, Insya Allah Bahagialah kesudahanya :-) ameen.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

These Are What I had Learn Before..Just A simple Banner and Poster..

Final Project CD Cover
For Malaysian University English Test Programme

Islamic Scholar avvence or Ibnu Sina
Tour To Dubai (Banner )

Annual Dinner For College

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

sad feeling

Today is the worst day..for me maybe.. :-) becoz i really don't know what should i do with myself. i can't control myself from blaming to other people who get mad of me..perhaps i still know that i also make the same mistakes.
i don't have such a big patient to be like muslim scholar..and i don't know where is the exactly place that i can share it except Allah The Almighty..
Sometimes people dosen't understand like we hope but they also keep in their mind that we should understand them. sometimes me myself dosen't really understand about me..
This is ridiculous..i just want to say that i'm not the perfect one as you tough about me plez..forgive me..and all my act that hurt you.