Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trip to (Bukit Tinggi) Padang Indonesia

Assalamualaikum,  Apa khabar semua?

I don't know why, it has been a quite long time for me to write again in this blog. I just busy doing something else and maybe its a good time to write about my latest destination which is BUKIT TINGGI indonesia.
Daerah ini terkenal sebagai serambi mekah..cuaca yang sangat alami..maksud saya natural beauty.
Selain makanan yang segar (jauh dari pencemaran)..suasana dingin kerana kedudukan nya yang terletak di kawasan tinggi..berbukit bukau menjadikan ia indah sekali..
I don't think i should talk a lot here..let me just give u details and what should u do when u found a CHEAP Tickets! :-)

Firstly, i plan to stay at HOTEL IMRAN Cost around (IDR 385 000 per night for one room) but becoz of some problems, i call them many times but no i changed my decision once i arrived there.. What u need to do is just ask the driver where is the cheapest or reasonable price hotel or homestay they can show..Insya Allah they will kindly show you! as for my case..we rent HOTEL cost only( IDR 200 000 per night) and its up to u for how many people. that the lowest price. it fits 3 of us. (Me, My mother , and My Sister)

The first destination that u can request to the driver would be Air Terjun Lembah Anai or Air Mancur Selamat Datang. it is the nearest place from the Minangkabau Airport.

Then, because i plan for a very budget mother brought Dates in case we are hungry. visitor usually ask to stop and eat at Lamun Ombak. but i am sorry.. i don't.. it would be a pleasure for you to pay the driver as u guys will eat togather. :-)

Actually, if you rent Hotel Indria, the location is very near to Pasar Atas and Lobang Jepang, Taman Panorama, and Also Taman Haiwan (animal zoo). u can walk seriously...its so convenient!

As for my kind driver (both name Bayu).. alhamdulillah, after negotiate as soon as we meet him at the airport according to our budget, it cost only IDR 400 000 as for the first day arrived pakej (Airport + Air Mancur Lembah Anai), and IDR 500 000 for the whole next day pakej (Abuya Hamka Home +  Masjid China i guess which is near to Buya Hamka village + Tasik Meninjau which is very exotic place! + Pass Kelok 44 and 33 + Rumah Gadang which is so uinque).

what u need to do if u arrived at these places?
Tasik meninjau = Take Pictures !
Abuya Hamka = u can meet some of his relatives and u can buy books from ther + Take Pictures!
Masjid China = Its up to u..we just perform prayer + take pictures!
Kelok 44 + 33 = better stay calm or u will feel very dizzy
Rumah Gadang = U can have a talk with the women to know the philosophical meaning behind this unique house, and also u can experience Minangkabau wedding as they provide u stage, costumes..please its a really nice place to take pictures expesially when you r in honeymoon :-) and for Rumah gadang u need to pay IDR 100 000 cover everything. i dont really remember each person or for three of us. sorry.

Please take note that from Padang air port to Bukit Tinggi take hours..i am pretty sure 2-3 hours. so the price from the driver count on the Petrol or BBM (bahan bakar Mobil) case u want to nego, make it logic and win win situation.

Another thing i forgot to mention, for airport tax, IDR 100 000 each and plus IDR 30 000 each..i am lucky at that time for having extra money as i don't expect to have 2 payment just for the Tax..

For your own destination to go shopping, u can take Angkot, the van with different colour and number. please ask before u get in, i take red colour to pasar atas coz i am tired walking from lobang jepang..

Warning! u must have a strong spirit in order to get inside Lobang Jepang as this place is actually the prison and torched place during the war time.

Inside Taman Panorama u need to walk and u will see Jambatan Gantung, a small river, and small Tembok china (small version of China Great Wall)

Here is the numbers
Bayu 1 : 0852 6502 6999
Bayu 2: 0853 7575 4951

MASJID CHINA (i named it coz i don't know)