Friday, August 29, 2014

Trip to Yogyakarta or Jodjga

i went to yogyakarta last week and it's fun!!
let me just go straight to the point..i wrote this to give a few guide for those who want to go to Jogjakarta..hopefully it helps you guys..
firstly, i booked Air Asia tickets (lowest price airlines in Malaysia) 3 months before..i got MYR 155 exclude luggage for return tickets..
Then, i start look for a cheap hotel to rent..previous time i rent Hotel Istana Batik Ratna..they have swimming pool, nice breakfast (milk + fruits + omelet + coffee + juice + Nasi goreng and so forth) but the price is around IDR 800 000 perday. its so expensive for a student like me :-(, so this time i went to the cheap one, which is Hotel Puspita. i paid around IDR 500 000 for 2 rooms for 4 night. it is a very Big differences right! the hotel provide you breakfast only..but nice room which is not too small. the things is you will take bath without hot water..and its good for you :-)
so, from this hotel, you can easily reach famous places around Jodjga like Taman Sari (riding Odok-odok during night time), Kraton, Malioboro and also Pasar Beringharjo. if you feel tired while walking, you also can easily take Becak..a traditional transportation using bicycle, the price is around IDR20 000..if you can negotiate you are able to get IDR 10 000 per way or IDR 30 000 for return. they rider will bring you to batik shop nearby so that you will buy your sourveniour right away..:-) most of them were kind..
i just bring along 2 shirt and i wear one for 5 days in Jodjga..once i arrived there, i take registered taxi, they wear dark blue suit. first price they gave me IDR130 000 to hotel. after nego (try to deal with lower price and if they dont agree just get away from them and find new one)..they will come after you again with another price. i got IDR100 000. give them address and they will ask you to go to Prambanan temple becuase it just near the airport and its up to you..
I just went to Hotel Puspita n check in..then i take Becak to malioboro and walk find few clothes for sleep.
Bear in mind, if you come from malaysia, the time is one hour earlier..but at 5:00 pm indonesia time is like 7:00 pm in malaysia. so Pasar Beringharjo closed at 5:00pm but malioboro open until 8:00 pm i think.
Second Day- i booked car IDR300 000 + BBM (petrol) IDR 100 000 + Driver IDR130 000 for whole day trip. Start with Borobudur Temple (around IDR130 000 entrance ticket for international), then Prambanan Temple (around IDR 130 000 entrance ticket also for international) and Parangtritis beach (IDR7000 entrance)..if you wanna ride trains in Borobudur, you need to pay IDR7500 per person. same goes to train at Prambanan temple. i take these chances to climb all those temple and take a fantastic photos!
during leasure time at Parangtritis beach or you can call it Paris, i ride horse and it just IDR30 000 per way..
Day three - we plan our own trip walking to Taman Sari where 2 trees that can connect you to another unseen world but it just a myth. we do shopping a lot here coz we can highly nego the prices :-)
Day Four , our last day before we flight back to Malaysia. since morning which is 9:00 am indonesia time at Pasar Beringharjo, we buy clothes from ground floor to the 3 floor. the batik clothes for man only IDR35000 per one. they usually sell it IDR45000 for first price. and as i said can nego and i told you how last time.
Day five- bear in mind that you need to pay IDR100000 per person for service tax in order to exit indonesia. and from Hotel Puspita, you just need around 15 minutes to reach Adisucipto airport. the time you need to check out from the Hotel is 12:00 pm. you still can find foods outside the airport like KFC, Roti'O', and so fort. i call taxi Pandawa..only take IDR 70 000 to airport from Hotel Puspita.
Hopefully this will help you..below i list down all the contact numbers and have a nice trip to World herritage places!!

1. Hotel Puspita, JL May jen sutoyo 64, Perempatan  pojok beteng, Wetan kerabat 100m, Selatan jalan.
+62 813 28 11 4432/ 0274 371065 (IDR 80 000 per night with fan and No TV)
2. SimPATI (buy IDR5000) to call malaysia 010176 + Malaysia number
3. Driver to Borobudur + Prambanan temple + Prangtritis beach (His name is Fahri) +62 813 2564 4190
4. Taxi Pandawa + 0274 3700 00
Top view from Borobudur Temple