Friday, June 20, 2014

Ustadh Noaman Ali Khan - Al-Fatihah speech divine

hi there, how are you? hopefully everyone is GREAT and FINE today.
I just wanna share about last night, i went to Ustadh Noaman speech at Masjid Sultan Zainal Abidin for the speech. it is REALLY GOOD...u know, every time i listen to his speech. it like the quran is so easy to understand and the quran is completely guidance to our is not the same feeling when u listen to other 'ustadh'..people usually make GAP between the audience, and its like these 'ustadh' have a special honor that we need to respect them..but as i meet 'ustadh noaman'..he is the best example of scholar that really humble, and (i have no idea) to explain..but really...guys, you should try to listen from him.
He had given us a very DEEP explanation about the MOST IMPORTANT surah that we recite everyday which is Al-Fatihah..and i always figure out how come he can understand the surah in different way..i've never heard that from other..its like i am promoting him but it is.of course i am unable to give the same speech but that's the reason i ask you to go fo it..look forward..u gonna gain SOMETHING GOOD..or TOO MANY THINGS that you need in your life.. no matter where you come from, who you are, what you need..our intention is ALWAYS to gain goodness in our LIFE, a PEACEFUL life..a better LIFESTYLE..which is through the guidance of ALLAH..
As to MUSLIMS, always remember that we are nothing more than a slaves of ALLAH. we always forgot the FACTS that we are slaves..yes we are.slaves that should obey what ALLAH ask us to GOOD a GOOD PERSON, don't KILL PERSON without right and KNOWLEDGE..why knowledge? becoz ignorant people tend to do something that they assume GOOD and truthful but at the end they were wrong actually..they listen to the whispered of SATAN..they cannot think what they are doing..they blindly follow their wrong desire..just think about that..we pray ALLAH we are not belong to these kind of people especially the ARROGANT, IGNORANT and LOST..may ALLAH be with us always and always.