Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trip to (Bukit Tinggi) Padang Indonesia

Assalamualaikum,  Apa khabar semua?

I don't know why, it has been a quite long time for me to write again in this blog. I just busy doing something else and maybe its a good time to write about my latest destination which is BUKIT TINGGI indonesia.
Daerah ini terkenal sebagai serambi mekah..cuaca yang sangat alami..maksud saya natural beauty.
Selain makanan yang segar (jauh dari pencemaran)..suasana dingin kerana kedudukan nya yang terletak di kawasan tinggi..berbukit bukau menjadikan ia indah sekali..
I don't think i should talk a lot here..let me just give u details and what should u do when u found a CHEAP Tickets! :-)

Firstly, i plan to stay at HOTEL IMRAN Cost around (IDR 385 000 per night for one room) but becoz of some problems, i call them many times but no i changed my decision once i arrived there.. What u need to do is just ask the driver where is the cheapest or reasonable price hotel or homestay they can show..Insya Allah they will kindly show you! as for my case..we rent HOTEL cost only( IDR 200 000 per night) and its up to u for how many people. that the lowest price. it fits 3 of us. (Me, My mother , and My Sister)

The first destination that u can request to the driver would be Air Terjun Lembah Anai or Air Mancur Selamat Datang. it is the nearest place from the Minangkabau Airport.

Then, because i plan for a very budget mother brought Dates in case we are hungry. visitor usually ask to stop and eat at Lamun Ombak. but i am sorry.. i don't.. it would be a pleasure for you to pay the driver as u guys will eat togather. :-)

Actually, if you rent Hotel Indria, the location is very near to Pasar Atas and Lobang Jepang, Taman Panorama, and Also Taman Haiwan (animal zoo). u can walk seriously...its so convenient!

As for my kind driver (both name Bayu).. alhamdulillah, after negotiate as soon as we meet him at the airport according to our budget, it cost only IDR 400 000 as for the first day arrived pakej (Airport + Air Mancur Lembah Anai), and IDR 500 000 for the whole next day pakej (Abuya Hamka Home +  Masjid China i guess which is near to Buya Hamka village + Tasik Meninjau which is very exotic place! + Pass Kelok 44 and 33 + Rumah Gadang which is so uinque).

what u need to do if u arrived at these places?
Tasik meninjau = Take Pictures !
Abuya Hamka = u can meet some of his relatives and u can buy books from ther + Take Pictures!
Masjid China = Its up to u..we just perform prayer + take pictures!
Kelok 44 + 33 = better stay calm or u will feel very dizzy
Rumah Gadang = U can have a talk with the women to know the philosophical meaning behind this unique house, and also u can experience Minangkabau wedding as they provide u stage, costumes..please its a really nice place to take pictures expesially when you r in honeymoon :-) and for Rumah gadang u need to pay IDR 100 000 cover everything. i dont really remember each person or for three of us. sorry.

Please take note that from Padang air port to Bukit Tinggi take hours..i am pretty sure 2-3 hours. so the price from the driver count on the Petrol or BBM (bahan bakar Mobil) case u want to nego, make it logic and win win situation.

Another thing i forgot to mention, for airport tax, IDR 100 000 each and plus IDR 30 000 each..i am lucky at that time for having extra money as i don't expect to have 2 payment just for the Tax..

For your own destination to go shopping, u can take Angkot, the van with different colour and number. please ask before u get in, i take red colour to pasar atas coz i am tired walking from lobang jepang..

Warning! u must have a strong spirit in order to get inside Lobang Jepang as this place is actually the prison and torched place during the war time.

Inside Taman Panorama u need to walk and u will see Jambatan Gantung, a small river, and small Tembok china (small version of China Great Wall)

Here is the numbers
Bayu 1 : 0852 6502 6999
Bayu 2: 0853 7575 4951

MASJID CHINA (i named it coz i don't know)



Friday, August 29, 2014

Trip to Yogyakarta or Jodjga

i went to yogyakarta last week and it's fun!!
let me just go straight to the point..i wrote this to give a few guide for those who want to go to Jogjakarta..hopefully it helps you guys..
firstly, i booked Air Asia tickets (lowest price airlines in Malaysia) 3 months before..i got MYR 155 exclude luggage for return tickets..
Then, i start look for a cheap hotel to rent..previous time i rent Hotel Istana Batik Ratna..they have swimming pool, nice breakfast (milk + fruits + omelet + coffee + juice + Nasi goreng and so forth) but the price is around IDR 800 000 perday. its so expensive for a student like me :-(, so this time i went to the cheap one, which is Hotel Puspita. i paid around IDR 500 000 for 2 rooms for 4 night. it is a very Big differences right! the hotel provide you breakfast only..but nice room which is not too small. the things is you will take bath without hot water..and its good for you :-)
so, from this hotel, you can easily reach famous places around Jodjga like Taman Sari (riding Odok-odok during night time), Kraton, Malioboro and also Pasar Beringharjo. if you feel tired while walking, you also can easily take Becak..a traditional transportation using bicycle, the price is around IDR20 000..if you can negotiate you are able to get IDR 10 000 per way or IDR 30 000 for return. they rider will bring you to batik shop nearby so that you will buy your sourveniour right away..:-) most of them were kind..
i just bring along 2 shirt and i wear one for 5 days in Jodjga..once i arrived there, i take registered taxi, they wear dark blue suit. first price they gave me IDR130 000 to hotel. after nego (try to deal with lower price and if they dont agree just get away from them and find new one)..they will come after you again with another price. i got IDR100 000. give them address and they will ask you to go to Prambanan temple becuase it just near the airport and its up to you..
I just went to Hotel Puspita n check in..then i take Becak to malioboro and walk find few clothes for sleep.
Bear in mind, if you come from malaysia, the time is one hour earlier..but at 5:00 pm indonesia time is like 7:00 pm in malaysia. so Pasar Beringharjo closed at 5:00pm but malioboro open until 8:00 pm i think.
Second Day- i booked car IDR300 000 + BBM (petrol) IDR 100 000 + Driver IDR130 000 for whole day trip. Start with Borobudur Temple (around IDR130 000 entrance ticket for international), then Prambanan Temple (around IDR 130 000 entrance ticket also for international) and Parangtritis beach (IDR7000 entrance)..if you wanna ride trains in Borobudur, you need to pay IDR7500 per person. same goes to train at Prambanan temple. i take these chances to climb all those temple and take a fantastic photos!
during leasure time at Parangtritis beach or you can call it Paris, i ride horse and it just IDR30 000 per way..
Day three - we plan our own trip walking to Taman Sari where 2 trees that can connect you to another unseen world but it just a myth. we do shopping a lot here coz we can highly nego the prices :-)
Day Four , our last day before we flight back to Malaysia. since morning which is 9:00 am indonesia time at Pasar Beringharjo, we buy clothes from ground floor to the 3 floor. the batik clothes for man only IDR35000 per one. they usually sell it IDR45000 for first price. and as i said can nego and i told you how last time.
Day five- bear in mind that you need to pay IDR100000 per person for service tax in order to exit indonesia. and from Hotel Puspita, you just need around 15 minutes to reach Adisucipto airport. the time you need to check out from the Hotel is 12:00 pm. you still can find foods outside the airport like KFC, Roti'O', and so fort. i call taxi Pandawa..only take IDR 70 000 to airport from Hotel Puspita.
Hopefully this will help you..below i list down all the contact numbers and have a nice trip to World herritage places!!

1. Hotel Puspita, JL May jen sutoyo 64, Perempatan  pojok beteng, Wetan kerabat 100m, Selatan jalan.
+62 813 28 11 4432/ 0274 371065 (IDR 80 000 per night with fan and No TV)
2. SimPATI (buy IDR5000) to call malaysia 010176 + Malaysia number
3. Driver to Borobudur + Prambanan temple + Prangtritis beach (His name is Fahri) +62 813 2564 4190
4. Taxi Pandawa + 0274 3700 00
Top view from Borobudur Temple

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ustadh Noaman Ali Khan - Al-Fatihah speech divine

hi there, how are you? hopefully everyone is GREAT and FINE today.
I just wanna share about last night, i went to Ustadh Noaman speech at Masjid Sultan Zainal Abidin for the speech. it is REALLY GOOD...u know, every time i listen to his speech. it like the quran is so easy to understand and the quran is completely guidance to our is not the same feeling when u listen to other 'ustadh'..people usually make GAP between the audience, and its like these 'ustadh' have a special honor that we need to respect them..but as i meet 'ustadh noaman'..he is the best example of scholar that really humble, and (i have no idea) to explain..but really...guys, you should try to listen from him.
He had given us a very DEEP explanation about the MOST IMPORTANT surah that we recite everyday which is Al-Fatihah..and i always figure out how come he can understand the surah in different way..i've never heard that from other..its like i am promoting him but it is.of course i am unable to give the same speech but that's the reason i ask you to go fo it..look forward..u gonna gain SOMETHING GOOD..or TOO MANY THINGS that you need in your life.. no matter where you come from, who you are, what you need..our intention is ALWAYS to gain goodness in our LIFE, a PEACEFUL life..a better LIFESTYLE..which is through the guidance of ALLAH..
As to MUSLIMS, always remember that we are nothing more than a slaves of ALLAH. we always forgot the FACTS that we are slaves..yes we are.slaves that should obey what ALLAH ask us to GOOD a GOOD PERSON, don't KILL PERSON without right and KNOWLEDGE..why knowledge? becoz ignorant people tend to do something that they assume GOOD and truthful but at the end they were wrong actually..they listen to the whispered of SATAN..they cannot think what they are doing..they blindly follow their wrong desire..just think about that..we pray ALLAH we are not belong to these kind of people especially the ARROGANT, IGNORANT and LOST..may ALLAH be with us always and always.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Master student in IIUM 2013-2014

Dear brothers and sisters,
This post is to remain myself the precious moment being as a Master student in IIUM. it's not that precious but things that i never think before. i hope that later one, i can understand my own student which go through the same process.
It's about a year i've been in this level and i still struggle to complete my master. when we talk about master i mean (postgraduate), you will start to know thi word..'proposal' which is the first part of your thesis.
since i am a quite good student during bachelor, i less worried what i am going through but i was miscalculate.
every time i meet my SV, the sentence i will get is "your english is worst! very bad! form 5 standard!
even if it is a fact, please tell me in a good way.
after i attended a course by Dr.OT (Othman Talib), he just give a good advice and inspiration, he also tell us that the situation is always like that since we were doing master in our country which FEW lecturer just follow their way. They don't even care how standard you are. The other things that you should know that same universities care where your come from ( your previous universities) it more like BIAS. if your not from their universities, means that maybe your capability in not the standard as they expect to be.
first, just know the reason why you continue your study?
second, what exactly you want to achieved after you get the master?
if you have a clear goal on what you are doing, it will support the way you are going through. it is normal sometimes to be scold, rejected, and feel lose. because my friends and i used to be the same. you need to be brave my bringing your ideas while present your proposal or paper.
As for me, i always feel that i am a fool person and student. sometimes i don't feel i belongs here especially sit in a class with all these international student. they were OUTSTANDING *_*!
and the most annoying things is, people keep comparing U with the other student. ooooohhh..i really don't like that and i'm in that situation everyday -_-
i think, that's all for today. good luck everyone especially for those who are studying like me and keep going for PHD student. i know it far from what i've been through. keep building networking coz you don't even know from where you will get help. A hidden hand which is a good friends.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Deen and Friends

I dont think i should write this post, but i do. It something that i think and re-think. For me, having a best friends is nice. And having a very good plus a religious best friend is more than that. It's beyond everything and every single people hope for that. But it's not what i'm going to talk about.
I'm a ordinary muslims. regularly make mistakes, see? MISTAKES with S means plural. I always like that. I always cannot be a good person all the time. People always change and i'm one of them. There are many facts that will lead you to changes and sometime you don't even know why.
For me, the thing that i concern most is giving kindness to other. The power of giving building bridge to other. When u start help people without judging or even asking for return. people will automatically tried best to be good to you. doing things that you like and avoid what u don't really like. This concept can be applied if we do love our prophets Muhammad (SAW) and his Family Most. We tend to be like him (SAW) and whatever he did.
But the problem came when people cannot wait for other changes. They feel its like a hurry or MUST to make people good as they are but they don't know that its really hard to make people change. It may not become in a Night? or Month? even years~..
When u try to correct people with their mistakes, don't say something that its like he/she never done a good deed and he/she always 'ugly' in front of your eyes because the person who you are talking with is a human being who have heart and feel. You know how bad she/he feel after u simply say for he/his sake of life?
I may wrong for this stage but i knew there is a LOT of people out there who are waiting to be corrected with a very good word. Sometime acts also can bring change to others without we realized it.
But for me, this kind of situations sometimes kill me. I'm nothing. or may people simply say 'you are arrogant with Big Ego'. I don't know but I feel like its better to be alone and correct ourselves rather than heard from other becoz you always know your limits as well as your strength. :-) I want to be good and several time i'm trying but that doesn't mean i need to tell people what i did so that people will accept why i be like that?
This is what i think and re-think. And now i'm start feel confusing with myself. its good if we just pretend to be good in front of people rather being criticize :-) right? people like that..
No body need to take this advice or read this post if it nothing to you. i'm just trying to help people who always seen as helpless and 'valueless' in front of others. Lets us move forward and pray Allah to help us. :-)