Monday, September 23, 2013

Know Estonian

Have you heard about Estonian? To me, i didn't. ever in my is interesting to know becoz we always have to learn new thing.
In addition, for this time, i really need to know some word from the Estonian language. I think that these people stay at Uk but i'm not sure where is exactly their country located. i google after this.
I hope, for the next time, i will have an opportunity to meet a real one Estonian so that i can hear they way their speak coz someona said that their language is beutiful.
Seriously, i don't have ideas to write about this. that why i come out with another source from websote that you can refer to ~

About the Estonian Language
Estonian is spoken by about 1. million people worldwide, around 950,000 of whom live in Estonia itself. (That a good number of them i believe that their coutry must be so beutiful)
 It is a member of the Finno-Ugric language family (first time ever i heard this) OMG, ALLAH is the best creator for creating such a million kind of people with different language. subhanallah
being close related to Finnish and more distantly so to Hungarian. It is an Indo-European language such as French or Spanish, and as a result the vast majority of words will loo thoroughly unfamiliar to someone whose mother tongue in English.

Estonian is certainly not considered to be an eay language to learn for English-speakers, However, don't be put off! (don't give up okay) with little practice, you should soon find yourself able to get by in most everyday situations.
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example of their language:
Võta beebi kaasa, sõbrannad ligi ja Solaris Kino ootab teid!
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