Saturday, November 17, 2012


Since i came back from OZ, i just spent my time in my previous hostel. I'm working as a promoter in one shop. i want to further my studies but my application still in progress.. i have to wait for next term in february or maybe it'll be different if i already have my own proposal. It's has been a long time for me to write in my own blog.. i have no idea what to share..i have nothing to share..instead of preparing myself to read whatever book i have to 'top up' my knowledge.
i know..some of my frens already got a job..some of them just stay at home and waiting for precious time which is convocation ceremony. And i felt ashamed because sometimes i cant event attend any discussion circle with any chance i got. i felt so sorry for everything.. what i can do is just donating for them. that's the only choice i got. By the way, have you read about Gaza? have you pray for them? i thinks that's all i can do.. recite "Qunut Nazilah" so that Allah will always help them.
I afraid if we just sit here and not knowing what's happen, our brothers and sisters will ask what we did for them as a muslims? not even pray for them?
it's a board experience being a promoter.. it's like you are wasting your whole life just to promote your product.. but what make me to do this kind of boring job?
haha  of course i don't want to wait at home without doing nothing !! sitting like a frog (matthew said to me before) i want to gain experience in business are so that i can open my own business soon..i want to be familiar with this kind of job.. it's tiring but worth instead of you'll see how crucial our ummah nowadays..if your surrounding is always an educated people from world is just about lecture, lecturer, assignments and some crazy projects.. you can see the need of community that low morality..(i don't know the right word)..'s our responsibility as a uni student to get know them..teach them what we've learn from our thousand credit hour about islam..they are muslims but they don't even know about islam and they don't pray.. if you feel that you are really impressive student among your uni mates..try to do dakwah wherever you go.. i tried to do some dakwah job..truly..i'm not that tough..even with malaysian seem more trouble than OZ people who are open minded..they can easily accept about knowledge..they willing to share ..but not malay.. i think so that's enough..maybe if there are some good point i shared..well take it.. if it nothing to you..just leave it..