Monday, April 16, 2012

I can't Score English?? is it too hard for me??

Avery god morning to all of you, my beloved frens. Today i would like to share to you about english. I know that it is not our mother tongue language but still, it become important especially when you are one of USIM's student. amma right?
So, that's why i came to write all these things. I'm just a person, where like you. the difference is just i try so hard to improve myself especially in learning session. So..what we are going to talk about? How to score muet band3? no..its not..just sharing experience :-)
The answer is simple like ABC..haha
As long as you want! you have a desire! then you will do it !! and always think that you CAN.. throw away all the word " Ican't " in your mind.
In term of food that you can take is scote emotion ( i donno how to spell) but it really help you master in language. its a fish oil that Jewish eat regularly. ( its a facts )
In term of Talk.. you have no option than Talk. Its ok if there is a lot of grammer mistake..don't be afraid becoz it just like me before. hehe it's is the best choice if you join the debate championship like i do coz its help me a lot. dosen't matter if i loose..the golden experience is what i looking for.
In term of writing? of course you have to read a lot of books no matter what kind of books it is.. whether a journals? newspaper? novel? even a kindergarten story books still helps you to understand the structure of the sentences. I will not ever choose newspaper coz i really don't like it..hehe
Lastly, if you come from a group that don't like to read english book, don't like to do an english essay, don't like to watch english movie coz you can't understand it, and you don't even like English.. There are just these way that i can think can help you.( if you have, plez share with me :-)

1. you must realize that you have no choices in your life unless you put a little strength in order to help yourself. if it is not for yourself, how about your family? they always want their children to be graduated.
2. Simplest way is you just keep singing Maher zain songs, or Irfan Makki or any other English singer and plez refer its lyric so that you have better understand.
3. Plez enjoys yourself while learning English like i do always. i like English since i'm little kid :-)
4. Make your first step writing by doing ' cute English diary ' and write what you have done everyday. put some picture and be CONSISTENT. Just use any word in your minds. it really helps you.

That's all i can share. For me. as long as you can try. English is not that hard like you think before. Don't be sad. you just have to take some times for your dear English subject. hehe May Allah helps you.