Friday, September 23, 2011

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Praise to Allah..Thank to Him..Because of Him we are still given a big opportunity to continue our long journey in this beautiful world.
Guys...there are something that i want to share with all of you out there..  I'm always and always questioning myself what I'm going to bring with me if it is time for me to leave this world..its is for sure that we will leave but we just don't know went?
Allah had given to us such a very long period and its totally up to us how do we benefit from it..the question is...
what have i done since i call myself as daie?
when i involve a programme during the 1 Malaysia celebration.. there are many couples out there and they doing the wrong thing..its everywhere.. i know that i  must repair (whatever word you think it is nice) the situation..its not just on the celebration but in Malaysia we have this kind of situation for almost everyday..every time..everywhere..
so, the points is..i hope that i can do the correction everywhere i see, anytime i face it..please join together and save our Ummah..
save and please love our Deen. I'm just people like you and I'm not a scholar..but actually we can do and give everything we had..
together we correct the mistakes..especially with people around you..people who close with you..may Allah bless what we want to do..and thanks for reading this guys..