Thursday, April 21, 2011


To my Beloved Friend..
I thank Allah for sending you to be my Friend..
You Make me tough to go trough this life..
You Teach me to be a good and kind...
You Teach me how to be a good daughter..
You Say that Parent and family is everything to us after Allah and the Prophet..
You owe me Your love like the Prophets ask Muslims to do so..
I can see the good Attitude of Muslims that you implement in front of me without your awareness.. I see and I learn from it..
but I'm not sure how long we are holding this precious moments..
Hopefully that the friendship that we had build can brought to Jannah..  
I have no word to appreciate this friendship becoz i mean what i say.. :-)

Sincerely to Adibah Nazliah bt Salih :-)