Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Product !!

we just got an assigment for the consumer behaviour subject..
And we have to create an advertistment for our product.. so i just use my blog in order to publish it as one of our marketing.. its about a multi purpose milk bottle that combine the function of the bottles.
this bottle can be a drink or milk bottle. so the use of it is larger. and that makes our market target bigger .. not just available for the babies but also the children.. the customer can change the function of that bottle with the others. besides, we also comes with a variety of color so that customer have many choices to make..
In addition, our company name is InsyaAllah ent. , muslim company ha??  :-) whatever you do, what ever you think, we always be a muslims.. Proud to be Muslims !! Allahu Akhbar.