Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami in Tokyo.

Condolences to all Japan people that what had been occur. we are sorry to hear the news about tsunami. May Allah bless all the victims and family who had been tested by Allah the AL-Mighty. It looks like the sign of 'Qiyamah' will comes. It just started and will keep going to the other place..
This is some news about the tsunami and earthquake in Japan :

Nikkei average closed down 1.7% at 10,254.43 points after the earthquake struck. There was also a warning of a 10-metre tsunami following the quake, Japan's biggest in seven years.
The explosion in Tokyo
The disaster after the tsunami

Beside that, An earthquake measuring 8.9 struck off the northeast coast of Japan on Friday, shaking buildings in the capital Tokyo and triggering a 10-metre tsunami warning. India Tsunami Centre says there are no local alerts yet in wake of Japanese quake.
The public broadcaster showed flames and black smoke billowing from a building in Odaiba, a Tokyo suburb, and bullet trains to the north of the country were halted.
Black smoke was also pouring out of an industrial area in Yokohama's Isogo area.
TV footage showed boats, cars and trucks floating in water after a small tsunami hit the town of Kamaichi in northern Japan.
"The building shook for what seemed a long time and many people in the newsroom grabbed their helmets and some got under their desks," Reuters correspondent Linda Sieg said.
"It was probably the worst I have felt since I came to Japan more than 20 years ago."
Passengers on a subway line in Tokyo screamed and grabbed other passengers' hands. The shaking was so bad it was hard to stand, said Reuters reporter Mariko Katsumura.
The US Geological Survey earlier verified a magnitude of 7.9 at a depth of 15.1 miles and located the quake 81 miles east of Sendai, Honshu. It later upgraded it to 8.8.
The Tokyo stock market extended its losses after the quake was announced. The central bank said it would do everything to ensure financial stability.
Japan's northeast Pacific coast, called Sanriku, has suffered from quakes and tsunamis in the past and a 7.2 quake struck on Wednesday. In 1933, a magnitude 8.1 quake in the area killed more than 3,000 people. Last year fishing facilities were damaged after by a tsunami caused by a strong tremor in Chile.
Earthquakes are common in Japan, one of the world's most seismically active areas. The country accounts for about 20% of the world's earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater. 
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Lets us pray to Allah for a peacefull world and may Allah protect us. Besides that, lets us do what Allah command us to do and leave what Allah command to leave. Always remember what Allah had promise to us.

They say, 'There is nothing but our existence in the world. We die and we live and nothing destroys us except for time.' They have no knowledge of that. They are only conjecturing. (Surat Al-Jathiyah: 23-24)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dakwah for Little Khalifah..

Recently, we have done such a great programme which is training the little one ( i mean the children ) on how to correct their solat.. our contestant ( i don't really know how to spell it right :-) is just about 5 per can count it based on the picture that i'll post it..

the programme is simple..first and foremost, they were given a very happy speech from one of USIM lecturer ( ust wifaq ) then proceed by the other one ustaz..i don't know the name..after an hour, we involved them in quizes which is all the question is about the basic of islam.. and did you believe it? most of them can really answer the question ..maybe because the prizes which is sweettts... :-)
we also make an explore race..i get the tayammum counter..and did you know ? it's so sweet to look their face that make up by powder..basically, we teach them about the right intention ( niat ) then , how to do it alone..
it's not a simple thing to teach this cutey becoz they were too young..but,,it's o.k
we also teach them how to recite the quran  ( short surah ) in solat..and other.. i thinks that all that i can share..
this is our about 3 programme that we had done in order to collect donation for our trip to DUBAI... it's exciting right? but we need to struggled A LOT.. Insya Allah i'll post the new one if i got chances.. :-)