Wednesday, February 2, 2011

yes we can !!

I just want to share and ask to all of my frens ( either we had met or not :-) ) to praise Allah as much as we can.
I believe that everyone should realize tha our world will finished when the days will comes.
There were many surah and versses in Quran that told about the day After, you can look and read in surah Al- Qiyamah and  Al-Waqi'ah. For me, i don't have many times to cover up all my sins that i have done before.. and i don't think that i can stay like this forever.. i want to be one of the great people that mention in quran as ( ashabul yamin ) which mean is the person that allah loves..
I don't want to be syaitan frens (so do you !! ).. and i don't have strength to make all people good as well. so thats why i wrote this .. i just want to share with you.. plezz,, all of us.. do as much as we can all the good things.. Lets spread dakwah togather so that everybody will know that islam is beutifull and muslims is not terrorist.. beware of people who like to separate muslims.. muslims actually are united !! whether this writing is simple just like abc but i hope that you can get my real message ..proud to be MUSLIMS.... :-)
p/s : i just can use the broken english..hopefully all of u will understand it..