Sunday, May 4, 2014

Master student in IIUM 2013-2014

Dear brothers and sisters,
This post is to remain myself the precious moment being as a Master student in IIUM. it's not that precious but things that i never think before. i hope that later one, i can understand my own student which go through the same process.
It's about a year i've been in this level and i still struggle to complete my master. when we talk about master i mean (postgraduate), you will start to know thi word..'proposal' which is the first part of your thesis.
since i am a quite good student during bachelor, i less worried what i am going through but i was miscalculate.
every time i meet my SV, the sentence i will get is "your english is worst! very bad! form 5 standard!
even if it is a fact, please tell me in a good way.
after i attended a course by Dr.OT (Othman Talib), he just give a good advice and inspiration, he also tell us that the situation is always like that since we were doing master in our country which FEW lecturer just follow their way. They don't even care how standard you are. The other things that you should know that same universities care where your come from ( your previous universities) it more like BIAS. if your not from their universities, means that maybe your capability in not the standard as they expect to be.
first, just know the reason why you continue your study?
second, what exactly you want to achieved after you get the master?
if you have a clear goal on what you are doing, it will support the way you are going through. it is normal sometimes to be scold, rejected, and feel lose. because my friends and i used to be the same. you need to be brave my bringing your ideas while present your proposal or paper.
As for me, i always feel that i am a fool person and student. sometimes i don't feel i belongs here especially sit in a class with all these international student. they were OUTSTANDING *_*!
and the most annoying things is, people keep comparing U with the other student. ooooohhh..i really don't like that and i'm in that situation everyday -_-
i think, that's all for today. good luck everyone especially for those who are studying like me and keep going for PHD student. i know it far from what i've been through. keep building networking coz you don't even know from where you will get help. A hidden hand which is a good friends.