Friday, March 28, 2014

Deen and Friends

I dont think i should write this post, but i do. It something that i think and re-think. For me, having a best friends is nice. And having a very good plus a religious best friend is more than that. It's beyond everything and every single people hope for that. But it's not what i'm going to talk about.
I'm a ordinary muslims. regularly make mistakes, see? MISTAKES with S means plural. I always like that. I always cannot be a good person all the time. People always change and i'm one of them. There are many facts that will lead you to changes and sometime you don't even know why.
For me, the thing that i concern most is giving kindness to other. The power of giving building bridge to other. When u start help people without judging or even asking for return. people will automatically tried best to be good to you. doing things that you like and avoid what u don't really like. This concept can be applied if we do love our prophets Muhammad (SAW) and his Family Most. We tend to be like him (SAW) and whatever he did.
But the problem came when people cannot wait for other changes. They feel its like a hurry or MUST to make people good as they are but they don't know that its really hard to make people change. It may not become in a Night? or Month? even years~..
When u try to correct people with their mistakes, don't say something that its like he/she never done a good deed and he/she always 'ugly' in front of your eyes because the person who you are talking with is a human being who have heart and feel. You know how bad she/he feel after u simply say for he/his sake of life?
I may wrong for this stage but i knew there is a LOT of people out there who are waiting to be corrected with a very good word. Sometime acts also can bring change to others without we realized it.
But for me, this kind of situations sometimes kill me. I'm nothing. or may people simply say 'you are arrogant with Big Ego'. I don't know but I feel like its better to be alone and correct ourselves rather than heard from other becoz you always know your limits as well as your strength. :-) I want to be good and several time i'm trying but that doesn't mean i need to tell people what i did so that people will accept why i be like that?
This is what i think and re-think. And now i'm start feel confusing with myself. its good if we just pretend to be good in front of people rather being criticize :-) right? people like that..
No body need to take this advice or read this post if it nothing to you. i'm just trying to help people who always seen as helpless and 'valueless' in front of others. Lets us move forward and pray Allah to help us. :-)