Thursday, July 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all muslims
it is a very long time i haven't care and write in my own blog.
like i said before i wanna write about steps to use the photoshop but i don't do it coz i'm busy with everything.
i would like to share my precious experience instead of the secret one ( the demonstration :-) )
now i'm working as a promoter at leather goods shops and i gain many thing from this kind of job. There are thousand of people out there that dosen't understand the Islam very well. But the problems is they don't want to hear the truth. i'm thinking in myself. is it becoz we are younger than them so they guess that we know nothing? but they already knew that we are the university student. or the quality of the university student had gone?
the answer of course in myself. i'm not really though to face it alone.
By the way, Let me share to you about my study. becoz i knew that there were many student out there have a very very big problems with their examination results. actually they are not a stupid one but the problems is how they arrange their gold time.
i'm one of the student who dosen't have enough time to study hard like other student. i'm a debater and at the same time i have to manage my work with administration becoz of the title representative student. instead of that, i have to help frens make the programme especially to collect the donation for our study tour to dubai.
thanks to lecturers who understands us and always support us from the back like giving us second chances to repair our midterm test. :-) thats all from now, i wanna eat. :-)