Monday, January 24, 2011

I'ts a long period that i left writing in this blog. becoz of my budget i cannot effort my broadband.. its is a normal situation for a student like me..and i believe that most of student got the same problems.
i just want to share a little bit a about this social network... do you know what is islamtag? have you sign up or join it? if the answer is not, lets read this..
nowadays, the world itself like in a war.. we heard about people fighting and killing each others every days !!
There are no peace anymore.. but guys, boys and girlz, have you know that what islam had teach us is to live in a wonderful life.. yes it is !! so, for those who are had not heard about it..don't be afraid to find the truth..
ooo.. almost forgot about islam is more and more advanced social network that facebook itself... becoz this website such a very unique combination of facebook, frienster, yahoo messenger and many more..
but the most important things is, you are now able to heard the most precious word of truth ( QURAN ) while chatting with your frens.. you also can do many good thing and learn new things on islam..
Example of mine
The inventor of this social network is a muslim..not like facebook ( a jewish ).
For those muslims out there who like to join dakwah, this is the plece for sure !! grab the chance..
i'm sorry to tell that for those who had created accaount in cannot be deleted except just let it to be out of dates. i also heard that the data will be saved automatically under the CIA..but here, you can easily sign up and also deleted your account..
so, what are you waiting for ? LETS JOIN US in and we are please to ask all muslims to joins us.. it might be slow but the developer just launch it on jun 2010, it takes time to change into the other server..but it's o.k.. MUSLIMS must help each others!! alhamdulillah... ;-)